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Security Info Sharing Working Group


The Security Information Sharing Working Group (SISWG) is tasked with a review of all matters concerning voluntary information sharing among Forum Members related to possible enhanced risks from identified individuals, entities, identities, locations, domains, IP addresses, and other data, to allow Members to determine, in their own judgment, whether to undertake additional authentication or other steps before providing products or services to customers.

The Working Group is considering such issues as legal limitations, privacy concerns, methods for updating or correcting information, and other factors that may arise from such information sharing.


The Working Group will produce one or more documents offering options to the Forum for voluntary information sharing within the scope defined above.

Expiration Date:

The Working Group’s charter expires on October 16, 2016, unless extended by a further ballot specifying the extension period and any necessarily modifications of the scope and deliverables.


The Working Group meets every other Friday on the same week as the CA/B Forum’s plenary teleconference.

Mailing List:

The Working Group conducts its business with a mailing list, the archives of which are located here:  https://cabforum.org/pipermail/siswg/

Interested parties can subscribe here:  https://cabforum.org/mailman/listinfo/siswg