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Since May 2012, the proceedings of the CA/Browser Forum have been made public generally two weeks after they have been distributed to members for review.

The minutes of past meetings may be found using the “Categories” feature and selecting “Minutes,” clicking here: , or by navigating chronologically using the “Past Proceedings” pull-down menu.

Here are the minutes pages for each of the Forum’s groups:

Forum Plenary Minutes

Server Certificate Working Group Minutes

Code Signing Certificate Working Group Minutes

S/MIME Certificate Working Group Minutes

Network Security Working Group Minutes

Latest releases
Code Signing Requirements
v3.7 - Mar 4, 2024

S/MIME Requirements
v1.0.5 - Ballot SMC07 - Jul 15, 2024

Ballot SMC07: Align Logging Requirement and Key Escrow clarification

Network and Certificate System Security Requirements
v2.0 - Ballot NS-003 - Jun 26, 2024

Ballot NS-003: Restructure the NCSSRs in

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The Certification Authority Browser Forum (CA/Browser Forum) is a voluntary gathering of Certificate Issuers and suppliers of Internet browser software and other applications that use certificates (Certificate Consumers).