[Servercert-wg] [EXTERNAL] State or Province

Robin Alden robin.alden at sectigo.com
Mon Sep 16 07:48:48 MST 2019

Publicly documenting every deviation from ISO3166-2 sounds OK, but I think carries an unspoken assumption that the deviations will be rare.
I suspect the deviations will not be rare, for some countries.
Frequent deviations make the documentation of those deviations less useful, if we do it certificate by certificate.

Perhaps instead of documenting every certificate issued with a non-ISO3166-2 stateOrProvince, the public document should instead list the values that the CA accepts:
“BR x.x.x.x declaration on subject:stateOrProvince value validation
Name of CA organization: XYZ CA
For stateOrProvince values we use only:
+For country=GB
Historic Counties
Former Postal Counties
+For country=CH
Subdivision names in English
+For country=TW
TW National standard subdivision list

Robin Alden
Sectigo Limited
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