[Servercert-wg] [EXTERNAL] State or Province

Doug Beattie doug.beattie at globalsign.com
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There are certainly some countries we could include in a MUST list.



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OK, then yes, England is acceptable.  But wait, 3166-2 says England is a country.  That’s not a state or a province.  How about right below England on the page, we have England and Wales.  Is that acceptable for the ST field?  But 3166-2 says that’s a nation.  That’s not a state or a province either.  And BTW what the heck is the difference (from the perspective of this ISO standard) between a country and a nation, because I’ve always thought they were synonyms.  I guess someone, either in the UK, or over at ISO would disagree.


Right, to be clear, I agree 100% with Jeremy that we should get it to a MUST and absolutely should get consistency. The question is, as you point out, consistency "with what". The challenge is that 3166-2 includes many levels of hierarchy, not just "the immediate second".


If we can agree to some generic mapping of 3166-2 subdivisions to stateOrProvince, then there is value in adding that as a SHOULD. Linters can then start warning on this rule and provide the data we'll need to feel comfortable moving the requirement to a MUST. 

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