[cabfpub] Meeting 40 Hackathon

Ryan Sleevi sleevi at google.com
Fri Mar 17 10:04:42 MST 2017

As it appears there's still some confusion on the management list:

The purpose and intent of this meeting has, from the beginning, been about
members working collaboratively, around their laptops, addressing defects
related to tools useful to their activities, particularly as participants
in the Forum. For example, a number of members have expressed a desire for
the production of redlined Word documents for purposes of review, and the
production of finalized Word documents as PDFs. Further, some members have
expressed a desire to have such format appear visually consistent with the
documents that the Forum produces presently. Other members have expressed a
desire to collaboratively iterate on draft Ballots in a way that avoids the
use of proprietary software.

If there are other items for which members feel their current tooling is
insufficient, they are welcome to propose it be added, and see if other
members share an interest.
It's open to all Forum participants, and is presently treated as a
scheduled topic during our F2F. However, unlike our traditional slots,
there will be limited broad discussion - it is anticipated that most
members will end up splitting up into small groups, or even working
individually, on specific items relevant to their collective interests. By
dedicating time to this, in which we're all present, we can make more
collaboration possible, solicit input and feedback on matters of
uncertainty, and otherwise have dedicated time to focus on resolving
specific issues.

As has been repeatedly publicly and privately stated, no decisions about
how the Forum itself operates are expected. There is no requirement that
members use these tools.
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