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Ballot FORUM-18 – Allow Re-election of CWG Chairs and Vice ChairsBallots2022-08-03Forum-018
Ballot Forum-17 – Creation of Network Security Working GroupBallots, Network Security, Network Security Working Group2021-12-23Forum-017
Ballot Forum 16 – Election of CA/Browser Forum Vice ChairBallots2020-11-01Forum-016
Ballot FORUM-15: Election of CA/Browser Forum ChairBallots2020-11-01Forum-015
Ballot Forum-14 – Creation of S/MIME Certificates Working Group v2Ballots2020-06-15Forum-014
Ballot Forum-12: Update CA/B Forum BylawsBallots2020-05-25Forum-012
Ballot FORUM-13: Correction to Code-Signing Working Group CharterBallots2020-03-31Forum-013
Ballot FORUM-11: Creation of S/MIME Certificates Working GroupBallotsForum-011Failed
Ballot FORUM-10: Re-Charter Forum Infrastructure Working GroupBallots2019-10-07Forum-010
Ballot FORUM-9: Bylaws and Server Certificate Working Group Charter UpdatesBallots2019-05-20Forum-009
Ballot FORUM-8: Establishment of a Code Signing Working GroupBallots2019-03-08Forum-008
Ballot Forum-7: Update ETSI requirements in SCWG CharterBallots2018-10-05Forum-007
Ballot Forum-6 – Update ETSI Requirements in the BylawsBallots, Bylaws2018-10-01Forum-006
Ballot FORUM-4 v3: Fix mistakes made during passage of Governance Reform Ballot 206Ballots, Uncategorized2018-09-28Forum-004
Ballot Forum-2 – Chair and Vice-Chair Term ExtensionsBallots2018-09-20Forum-002
Ballot Forum-5 – Election of CA/Browser Forum Vice Chair – Term Nov. 1, 2018 – Oct. 31, 2020Ballots2018-11-01Forum-005
Ballot Forum-3: Election of CA/Browser Forum Chair – Term Nov. 1, 2018 – Oct. 31, 2020About, Ballots, Governance2018-11-01Forum-003
Ballot Forum-1 Establish Forum Infrastructure Working GroupBallots2018-08-27Forum-001
Ballot 206 –Amendment to IPR Policy & Bylaws re Working Group FormationBallots2018-07-03206
Ballot 216 – Update Discussion Period ProcessBallots2017-12-21216
Ballot 205 – Membership-Related ClarificationsBallots, Bylaws2017-07-06205
Ballot 203 – Formation of Network Security Working GroupBallots2017-06-19203
Ballot 200 – Amendment of Bylaws to add Code of ConductBallots, Bylaws2017-05-30200
Ballot 183 – Amending the Bylaws to Clarify the Ballot Approval ProcessBallots, Bylaws, Governance2017-01-31183
Ballot 178 – Special Ballot for Election of Vice ChairBallots2016-10-06178
Ballot 177 – Special Ballot for Election of ChairBallots2016-09-22177
Ballot 166 – Clarification of Membership RequirementsBallots2016-04-04166
Ballot 165 – Formation of Governance Review Working GroupBallots, Governance2016-03-31165
Ballot 157 – Adopt version 1.2 of the Intellectual Property Rights PolicyBallots2016-02-06157
Ballot 149 – Membership Criteria ClarificationBallots, Bylaws2015-07-03149
Ballot 143 – Formalization of Validation Working GroupBallots2015-02-04143
Ballot 139 – Vice Chair ElectionBallots2014-10-24139
Ballot 138 – Security Information Sharing Working GroupBallots2014-10-16138
Ballot 137 – Voting Process Bylaw Amendment (Passed)Ballots2014-10-16137
Ballot 136 – Chair ElectionBallots2014-10-15136
Ballot 130 – Working Group Bylaw AmendmentBallots130Withdrawn
Ballot 128 – CP Review Working Group (passes)Ballots, Current Work2014-07-09128
Ballot 116 – Bylaw Amendment for Associate Member Category(passed)Ballots, Bylaws, Governance2014-03-24116
Ballot 110 – Motion to Adopt Version 1.1 of the Bylaws(failed)Ballots, Bylaws110Failed
Ballot 115 – Invited Guest to Meeting 31Ballots115Withdrawn
Ballot 109 – Create SSL Performance Working Group(passed)Ballots109Withdrawn
Ballot 98 – Public VotingBallots, Bylaws, Governance, Proceedings2013-02-22098
Ballot 94 – Adoption of CA/Browser Forum BylawsBallots, Bylaws, Governance2012-11-23094
Ballot 91 – Chair and Vice-Chair ElectionBallots, Governance2012-10-22091
Ballot 90 – Governance FinalistsBallots2012-09-28090
Ballot 87 – Instant Runoff Ballot on GovernanceBallots2012-08-31087
Ballot 85 – Governance ReformBallots2012-08-24085
Ballot 82 – Extend IPR Introduction TimetableBallots082Rejected
Ballot 79 – Mailing List UsageBallots2012-07-25079
Ballot 77 – Emergency Extension of IPR RequirementsBallots2012-06-07077
Ballot 73 – Public Mail-ListBallots, Email Lists2012-05-11073
Ballot 67 – Adopt IPR PolicyBallots, Intellectual Property Rights2012-04-06067
Ballot 66 – Project LifecycleBallots2012-03-16066
Ballot 63 – Adopt IPR PolicyBallots063Withdrawn
Ballot 28 – Membership CriteriaBallots, Bylaws028Failed Quorum
Ballot 20 – ETSI Letter of IntentBallots, Liaisons2008-11-07020
Ballot 5 – QuorumBallots, Bylaws, Governance2008-01-18005
Ballot 4 – Browser Voting RulesBallots, Browsers2007-12-15004
Ballot 2 – Security CommitteeBallots002Failed Quorum