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EV Revisions Working Group

Extended Validation Working Group

Replaced on 19/Feb/2015 by Validation Working Group here.

In 2013 the CA / Browser Forum’s Extended Validation Working Group was launched to review the current steps required to perform extended validation in accordance with the EV Guidelines.  Included within the scope of work for the EV WG were review of telephone number validation and the relaxation of requirements for qualifying a “Qualified Independent Information Source” (QIIS).   The EV WG is looking at whether the steps for validating telephone numbers are still relevant, in light of increasing use of mobile devices and systems that leverage voice-over-IP.   Besides this and its review of QIIS qualifications, the group is also looking at whether the three EV role definitions (Requester, Approver, and Contract Signer) can be simplified and harmonized with a more intuitive approach that makes sense to applicants for EV certificates.   The group continues its discussions of these and other topics on a bi-weekly basis.

Interested parties are required to agree to the CA/Browser Forum’s Intellectual Property Rights policy and complete the IPR agreement.  Also send an email to questions@cabforum.org with your name, organization (if applicable), contact details and the signed agreement with the subject: EV Working Group Participation

Once the Chair determines all is in order, you will be added to the mailing list and invited to the conference calls.

As the title of this group states, this is a Working Group, meaning everyone is expected to attend and contribute in some fashion. Please do not apply if you can’t devote time to attend and participate in the discussion.