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Email Lists

Forum Discussions are Now Public

The CA/Browser Forum has created a public mailing list, intended to be used for normal CA/Browser Forum discussions, which can be read by interested parties, but not posted to, unless they have reviewed the Forum’s IPR Policy and submitted a signed IPR Policy Agreement (CAB Forum Agreement for IPR Policy v.1.3).

Visit the Public list web page for more information – https://cabforum.org/mailman/listinfo/public.

Questions may be submitted by email to the Questions list at ‘[questions at cabforum.org]’.

We also maintain other email lists, including the following:

  • A management listserv for communications member-to-member and with official liaisons
  • A Security Information Sharing Working Group list, publicly available at https://cabforum.org/mailman/listinfo/siswg
  • A Validation mailing list for members of the Validation Working Group and those working on improvements to validation processes in CA/B Forum Guidelines – click here to subscribe
  • Code Signing Requirements Working Group List only available to members here;
  • A publicly accessible Policy Review Working Group email list, available here – https://cabforum.org/mailman/listinfo/policyreview;
  • Revocation and Certificate Status Working Group List (inactive); and
  • A list of email addresses for handling sensitive security matters and incident response.