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Current Work

Working Groups
From time to time the CA / Browser Forum charters working groups to study current issues and develop strategies and guidelines to improve CA operations, certificate profiles, and processing. Previous working groups developed the Baseline Requirements, prepared governance proposals, worked on CA network and certificate system security, and revocation methods. While some of this work is of an ongoing nature, such working groups themselves are no longer active.

Currently Active Working Groups
The working group on Code Signing Baseline Requirements is winding down as a draft is being prepared for public comment. A working group is reviewing the Extended Validation Guidelines for potential updates.  Also, the CA/Browser Forum has recently begun work on SSL Performance, including certificate contents, choice of proposed ciphers, webserver configuration, and OCSP configuration, while maintaining adequate security.

Interested Parties

In order to participate as an Interested Party, you need to:

  1. Review the Intellectual Property Rights policy and complete the IPR agreement which can be found here: CABF-IPR-Policy-v.1.2
  2. Send an email to questions@cabforum.org with your name, organization (if applicable), contact details and the signed agreement with the subject: Participation as an Interested Party