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Certificate Policy Working Group

The CA/Browser Forum has chartered a Certificate Policy Working Group to harmonize its guidelines and requirements with frameworks used by other organizations.  The working group will meet by phone and prior to CA/B Forum face-to-face meetings.

In order to participate in the CP Working Group, Interested parties will need to:

  1. Review the Intellectual Property Rights policy and complete the IPR agreement which can be found here: IPR Policy
  2. Send an email to questions@cabforum.org with your name, organization (if applicable), contact details and the signed agreement with the subject: CP Working Group Participation

Once the Chair determines that everything in your request is in order, you will be added to the mailing list and invited to participate in conference calls.

As the title of this group states, this is a Working Group, meaning everyone is expected to contribute in some fashion. Please do not apply if you can’t devote time to attend and participate meaningfully in the discussion.