Ballot 5 – Quorum

Ballot 5 – Quorum (Passed Unanimously) Motion Tim Moses made the following motion, and Johnathan Nightingale and Nick Hales endorsed it: “Clause 7 of the CABForum’s voting rules shall be replaced with the following clause: ‘7. A ballot result will be considered valid only when more than half of the number of currently active members has participated. The number of …

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Ballot 4 – Browser Voting Rules

Ballot 4 – Browser Voting Rules (Passed Unanimously) Motion The following motion was made by Johnathan Nightingale and seconded by Bruce Morton and Jay Schiavo ‘The CABForum voting rules will be amended as follows: The sentence: “In order for the motion to carry, two-thirds or more of the votes cast by the permanent members in the CA category must be …

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Ballot 2 – Security Committee

Ballot 2 – Security Committee (Failed Quorum) Motion “The CABForum adopts the procedures for a security committee as described in ‘CABForum security committee, draft 2, 2007-06-14’ (as distributed by Gervase Markham on 19 June 2007), for a trial period not to exceed six months.  The procedures and the duration of the trial period may be revised by a similar ballot …

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