CA/Browser Forum Revises Bylaws for Associate Members

CA/Browser Forum Revises Bylaws for Associate Members On March 25, 2014, the CA/Browser Forum adopted version 1.1 of its bylaws to recognize its long-standing relationships, industry liaisons, and involvement of other organizations in the Forum’s activities. These have included the AICPA/CICA WebTrust Task Force, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, and several other organizations. A copy of these new bylaws is …

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CA/B Forum Welcomes New Members

Since May 2013, five new Certificate Authorities have joined the CA/Browser Forum. We welcome the following global companies: AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus Disig, a.s. Firmaprofesional Prvni certifikacni autorita, a.s. WoSign Each new member has met the CA/B Forum requirements in issuing publicly trusted SSL certificates, undergoing a 3rd party audit, and has signed the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) policy. The new members …

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Ballot 20 – ETSI Letter of Intent

Ballot 20 – ETSI Letter of Intent (Passed Unanimously) Motion Ben Wilson made the following motion, and Tom Albertson and Iñigo Barreira endorsed it. Motion begins   The members authorize Tim Moses to sign the attached “Letter of Intent to cooperate between CA/Browser Forum and ETSI” as Chairperson of the CA/Browser Forum without recourse or liability to Mr. Moses or …

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