Ballot 94 – Adoption of CA/Browser Forum Bylaws

Ballot 94 – Adoption of CA/Browser Forum Bylaws (Passed Unanimously) Motion Kirk Hall made the following motion and it was endorsed by Wayne Thayer and Jeremy Rowley. –Motion Begins– A. Be it resolved that the CA / Browser Forum adopts the following set of Bylaws. –Bylaws Begin– Proposed CA-Browser Forum Bylaws_(v4) Trend Micro 8 Nov 2012.doc Proposed CA-Browser Forum Bylaws_(v4) …

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Ballot 28 – Membership Criteria

Ballot 28 – Membership Criteria (Failed Quorum) Motion Tim Moses has made the following motion, and Ben Wilson and Moudrick Dadashov have endorsed it: Motion begins The Forum should adopt the following membership criteria immediately upon successful completion of the ballot. Membership criteria, CA / Browser Forum Version 06 Voting members of the CA/Browser Forum shall meet at least one …

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Ballot 5 – Quorum

Ballot 5 – Quorum (Passed Unanimously) Motion Tim Moses made the following motion, and Johnathan Nightingale and Nick Hales endorsed it: “Clause 7 of the CABForum’s voting rules shall be replaced with the following clause: ‘7. A ballot result will be considered valid only when more than half of the number of currently active members has participated. The number of …

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