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Special Commendation to Gervase Markham

Special Commendation – Gervase Markham From:  Kirk Hall, CA/Browser Forum Chair Date:  March 22, 2018 I’m pleased to announce the following Resolution of Commendation and Appreciation that was unanimously approved by CA/Browser Forum members today honoring Gerv Markham, who has stepped down as Mozilla’s representative to the Forum.  See also attached Certificate.   It’s been a great privilege for all ... Read More »

Governance Change Working Group Posts Proposal

The Governance Change Working Group has been working on an outline which would be used as input in drafting new bylaws. The group has taken into account member discussions from various CA/B Forum face to face meetings, phone calls and working group meetings. This group was originally chartered by Ballot 165 in April 2016 and has been meeting bi-weekly since ... Read More »

Forum Releases Final Code Signing Baseline Requirements for Vote

The Code Signing Working Group of the CA/Browser Forum announces the ballot of the final draft of the Code Signing Baseline Requirements. This version takes into account comments received in the first and second rounds of public review, comments from WebTrust auditors, and an additional three months of editing by the Working Group. Code Signing Requirements 2015-11-19 This is ballot 158 ... Read More »

CA/B Forum Releases Code Signing Baseline Requirements – Final Draft for Public Exposure

The Code Signing Working Group of the CA/Browser Forum announces the final draft of the Code Signing Baseline Requirements. This version takes into account comments received in the first round of public review as well as comments from WebTrust auditors. Additional changes/corrections were incorporated by the working group over the past 3 months.  Baseline requirements for codesigning – Feb 4 ... Read More »

CA/Browser Forum Releases Code Signing Baseline Requirements Public Comment Draft

In 2013, the CA/Browser Forum voted to create a Code Signing Working Group whose sole purpose was to come up with a set of Baseline Requirements for the issuance of Code Signing Certificates. The result of that effort is the: Baseline Requirements for Code Signing Certificates, Public Comment Draft (doc) Baseline Requirements for Code Signing Certificates, Public Comment Draft (pdf) ... Read More »

WebTrust Releases New Audit Criteria for Extended Validation and Baseline Requirements

On April 3, 2014, the WebTrust® Task Force of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and Chartered Professional Accountants Canada (CPA Canada) released three new audit criteria documents to the CA/Browser Forum and others for review and/or implementation.  These documents are part of the WebTrust Program for Certification Authorities and are based on the CA/Browser Forum Guidelines. The Trust Services ... Read More »

New Working Group on Performance Formed

Announcing the formation of the Performance Working Group – Call for Participants The CA/Browser Forum has chartered a Performance Working Group, the purpose of which is to review certificate contents, choice of proposed ciphers, webserver configuration, and OCSP configuration for best practice guidance for performance while still providing acceptable levels of security. The CA/Browser Forum would like to invite interested ... Read More »

CA/B Forum Welcomes New Members

Since May 2013, five new Certificate Authorities have joined the CA/Browser Forum. We welcome the following global companies: AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus Disig, a.s. Firmaprofesional Prvni certifikacni autorita, a.s. WoSign Each new member has met the CA/B Forum requirements in issuing publicly trusted SSL certificates, undergoing a 3rd party audit, and has signed the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) policy. The new members ... Read More »

Forum Discussions are Now Public

The CA/Browser Forum has created a public mailing list, intended to be used for normal CA/Browser Forum discussions, which can be read (but not posted to) by interested parties. Visit the list’s web page to sign up. Read More »

Ballot 73 – Public Mail-List

Ballot 73 – Public Mail-List (Passed Unanimously) Motion Tim Moses made the following motion, and Eddy Nigg and Gerv Markham endorsed it: … Motion begins … The Forum requests the list manager to establish a new Forum mail list called cabfpub@cabforum.org. Current subscribers to the “management” mail list should be subscribed to the cabfpub@cabforum.org list with no action required on ... Read More »