Baseline Requirements (Code Signing)

Ballot CSC-10 – WebTrust CSBR v2.0 Audit Criteria

Results of IPR Review (Mailing list post is available here.) The review period has ended and no exclusion notices were filed. The final documents, with the effective date being 2021-09-13, are available here. Results of Voting (Mailing list post is available here.) YesNoAbstainCertificate IssuersCertum (Asseco) DigiCerteMudhraEntrustGlobalSignHARICASectigo Certificate ConsumersMicrosoftThe ballot has PASSED. Purpose of the Ballot For Baseline Requirement for the …

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Ballot CSC-8 v3: Update to Revocation response mechanisms. key protection for EV certificates, and clean-up of 11.2.1 & Appendix B

The voting period for Ballot CSC-8 has ended and the Ballot has Passed. Here are the results: Voting by Certificate Issuers – 7 votes total including abstentions – 6 Yes votes: Certum (Asseco), DigiCert, Entrust, GlobalSign, HARICA, Sectigo – 0 No votes – 1 Abstain: GoDaddy 87% of voting Certificate Issuers voted in favor. Voting by Certificate Consumers – 1 …

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Ballot CSC-7v2: Update to merge EV and Non-EV clauses

Voting has closed on this ballot and the results are as follows: CAs voting in favor (7): Actalis, DigiCert, Entrust, GDCA, GlobalSign, GoDaddy, HARICA CAs opposed: None CAs abstaining: None Certificate Consumers voting in favor (1): MicrosoftCertificate Consumers opposed: NoneCertificate Consumers abstaining: None Therefore the ballot CSC-7 passes. Purpose of the Ballot: The CSC-2 merger of the Code Signing BRs …

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