Code Signing Ballots

Ballot CSC-19: Remove TLS BR References, , , 2023-09-05CSC-019
Ballot CSC-18: Update Revocation Requirements, , 2023-06-29CSC-018
Ballot CSC-17: Subscriber Private Key Extension, , 2022-10-28CSC-017
Ballot CSC-14 – Convert Code Signing Baseline Requirements to RFC 3647 Framework, , 2022-06-29CSC-014
2022-05-05 Minutes of the Code Signing Certificate Working Group,
Ballot CSC-13 – Update to Subscriber Key Protection Requirements, 2022-05-09CSC-013
Ballot CSC-6 – Update to Subscriber Private Key Protection Requirements, , CSC-6Failed
Ballot CSC-12 – CRL Revocation Date Clarification, , 2021-12-03CSC-012
Ballot CSC-11 – Update to log data retention requirements, , 2021-11-03CSC-011
Ballot CSC-9 – Spring 2021 Cleanup and Clarification, , 2021-09-09CSC-009
Ballot CSC-10 – WebTrust CSBR v2.0 Audit Criteria, , 2021-09-13CSC-010
Ballot CSC-8 v3: Update to Revocation response mechanisms. key protection for EV certificates, and clean-up of 11.2.1 & Appendix B, , 2021-05-01CSC-008
Ballot CSC-7v2: Update to merge EV and Non-EV clauses, , 2021-03-05CSC-007
Ballot CSC-6: ReservedCSC-006Reserved
Special Ballot CSCWG-5: Election of Code Signing Certificate Working Group Vice Chair2020-10-29CSC-005, CSC-005
Ballot CSC-4 v1: Move deadline for transition to RSA-3072 and SHA-2 timestamp tokens2020-11-07CSC-004
Ballot CSCWG-3: Election of Code Signing Certificate Working Group Chair, 2020-11-01CSC-003
Ballot CSCWG-2: Combine Baseline and EV Code Signing Documents, 2020-09-02CSC-002
Ballot CSC-1: Adopt Baseline Requirements version 1.22019-08-13CSC-001
Ballot 180 – Readopting the BRs, EVGL, EV Code Signing, and NCSSR Guidelines with Amendments2017-01-07180
Ballot 172 – Removal of permanentIdentifier from EV Code Signing Guidelines, 2016-07-05172
Ballot 158 – Adoption of Code Signing Baseline Requirements, 158Failed
Ballot 132 – EV Code Signing Timestamp Validity Period (passed)2014-09-16132
Ballot 117 – EV Code Signing Guidelines Corrections(passed), 2014-03-24117
Ballot 70 – EV Code Signing Identifier, , 2012-05-08070