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Beginning with the adoption of the Extended Validation Guidelines in June 2007, the CA/Browser has tracked proposed ballots using a numbering system, and CA/Browser Forum member votes have become publicly available for votes occurring after February 2013.  A tally of quorum and voting results is available here:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjuWQ0oWc2scdDV5QWd5OGk1VWFfZW5XbWdDX1JqN2c#gid=4

Ballot FORUM-18 – Allow Re-election of CWG Chairs and Vice ChairsBallots2022-08-03Forum-018
Ballot CSC-14 – Convert Code Signing Baseline Requirements to RFC 3647 FrameworkBallots, Baseline Requirements (Code Signing), Code Signing Certificate Working Group2022-06-29CSC-014
2022-05-05 Minutes of the Code Signing Certificate Working GroupBallots, Code Signing Certificate Working Group
Ballot CSC-13 – Update to Subscriber Key Protection RequirementsBallots, Baseline Requirements (Code Signing)2022-05-09CSC-013
Ballot SC54: Onion CleanupBallotsSC-054IPR Review
Ballot CSC-6 – Update to Subscriber Private Key Protection RequirementsBallots, Baseline Requirements (Code Signing), Code Signing Certificate Working GroupCSC-6Failed
Ballot SC51: Reduce and Clarify Audit Log and Records Archival Retention RequirementsBallots, Server Certificate Working Group2022-04-15SC-051
Ballot NS-001: Adopt Network and Certificate System Security RequirementsBallots2022-04-23NS-001
Ballot SC53: Sunset for SHA-1 OCSP SigningBallots, Server Certificate Working Group2022-03-04SC-053
Ballot Forum-17 – Creation of Network Security Working GroupBallots, Network Security, Network Security Working Group2021-12-23Forum-017
Ballot SC50: Remove the requirements of section 4.1.1Ballots, Server Certificate Working Group2021-12-23SC-050
Ballot CSC-12 – CRL Revocation Date ClarificationBallots, Baseline Requirements (Code Signing), Code Signing Certificate Working Group2021-12-03CSC-012
Ballot CSC-11 – Update to log data retention requirementsBallots, Baseline Requirements (Code Signing), Code Signing Certificate Working Group2021-11-03CSC-011
Ballot SC49: Special Election for Server Certificate Working Group Vice-ChairBallots, Server Certificate Working Group2021-11-01SC-049
Ballot CSC-9 – Spring 2021 Cleanup and ClarificationBallots, Baseline Requirements (Code Signing), Code Signing2021-09-09CSC-009
Ballot CSC-10 – WebTrust CSBR v2.0 Audit CriteriaBallots, Baseline Requirements (Code Signing), Code Signing2021-09-13CSC-010
Ballot SC48 v2: Domain Name and IP Address EncodingBallots2021-08-25SC-048
Ballot SC47v2: Sunset subject:organizationalUnitNameBallots2021-08-16SC-047
Ballot SC45: Wildcard Domain ValidationBallots, Server Certificate Working Group2021-07-13SC-045
Ballot SC46: Sunset the CAA exception for DNS OperatorBallots, Uncategorized2021-07-12SC-046
Ballot SC44: Clarify Acceptable Status CodesBallots2021-06-03SC-044
Ballot SC42: 398-day Re-use PeriodBallots, Server Certificate Working Group2021-06-02SC-042
Ballot SC43 – Clarify Acceptable Status CodesBallotsSC-043, SC-043Failed
Ballot CSC-8 v3: Update to Revocation response mechanisms. key protection for EV certificates, and clean-up of 11.2.1 & Appendix BBallots, Baseline Requirements (Code Signing), Code Signing2021-05-01CSC-008
Ballot SC41: Reformatting the BRs, EVGs, and NCSSRsBallots, Server Certificate Working Group2021-04-05SC-041
Ballot SC37: Election of Server Certificate Working Group Vice ChairBallots2020-10-08SC-037
Ballot SC39v3: Definition of Critical VulnerabilityBallots2021-03-30SC-039
Ballot SC40 – Security Requirements for Air-Gapped CA SystemsBallotsSC-040Withdrawn
Ballot CSC-7v2: Update to merge EV and Non-EV clausesBallots, Baseline Requirements (Code Signing), Code Signing2021-03-05CSC-007
Ballot SC38: Alignment of Record ArchivalBallotsSC-038Failed
Ballot CSC-6: ReservedBallotsCSC-006Reserved
Ballot Forum 16 – Election of CA/Browser Forum Vice ChairBallots2020-11-01Forum-016
Special Ballot CSCWG-5: Election of Code Signing Certificate Working Group Vice ChairBallots2020-10-29CSC-005, CSC-005
Ballot CSC-4 v1: Move deadline for transition to RSA-3072 and SHA-2 timestamp tokensBallots2020-11-07CSC-004
Ballot SC34 – Account ManagementBallotsSC-034Reserved
Ballot CSCWG-3: Election of Code Signing Certificate Working Group ChairBallots, Code Signing Certificate Working Group2020-11-01CSC-003
Ballot SC36: Election of Server Certificate Working Group ChairBallots, Server Certificate Working Group2020-11-01SC-036
Ballot FORUM-15: Election of CA/Browser Forum ChairBallots2020-11-01Forum-015
Ballot SC28: Logging and Log RetentionBallots2020-10-19SC-028
Ballot SC35: Cleanups and ClarificationsBallots2020-11-19SC-035
Ballot SC33: TLS Using ALPN MethodBallots2020-09-22SC-033
Ballot SC32 – NCSSRs ZonesBallotsSC-032Failed
Ballot CSCWG-2: Combine Baseline and EV Code Signing DocumentsBallots, Code Signing Certificate Working Group2020-09-02CSC-002
Ballot SC30v2: Disclosure of Registration / Incorporating AgencyBallots2020-08-20SC-030
Ballot SC31: Browser AlignmentBallots2020-08-20SC-031
Ballot Forum-14 – Creation of S/MIME Certificates Working Group v2Ballots2020-06-15Forum-014
Ballot Forum-12: Update CA/B Forum BylawsBallots2020-05-25Forum-012
Ballot SC29v3: System Configuration ManagementBallots2020-08-08SC-029
Ballot FORUM-13: Correction to Code-Signing Working Group CharterBallots2020-03-31Forum-013
Ballot SC26v2: Pandoc-Friendly Markdown Formatting ChangesBallots2020-03-30SC-026
Ballot SC20: System Configuration ManagementBallotsSC-020Failed
Ballot SC27v3: Version 3 Onion CertificatesBallots2020-03-27SC-027
Ballot FORUM-11: Creation of S/MIME Certificates Working GroupBallotsForum-011Failed
Ballot SC25: Define New HTTP Domain Validation Methods v2Ballots2020-03-03SC-025
Ballot SC23 V3 – PrecertificatesBallots, Uncategorized2019-12-19SC-023
Ballot SC24: Fall Cleanup V2Ballots2019-12-19SC-024
Ballot FORUM-10: Re-Charter Forum Infrastructure Working GroupBallots2019-10-07Forum-010
Ballot SC21 – the Network and Certificate Systems Security Requirements section 3 (Log Integrity Controls)Ballots2019-11-04SC-021
Ballot SC22 – Reduce Certificate Lifetimes (v2)Ballots, Server Certificate Working GroupSC-022Failed
Ballot CSC-1: Adopt Baseline Requirements version 1.2Ballots2019-08-13CSC-001
Ballot FORUM-9: Bylaws and Server Certificate Working Group Charter UpdatesBallots2019-05-20Forum-009
Ballot SC19: Phone Contact with DNS CAA Phone Contact v2Ballots2019-09-09SC-019
Ballot SC17 version 7: Alternative registration numbers for EV certificatesBallots2019-06-21SC-017
Ballot SC18: Phone Contact with DNS CAA Phone ContactBallotsSC-018Failed
Ballot SC16: Other Subject AttributesBallots2019-04-16SC-016
Ballot FORUM-8: Establishment of a Code Signing Working GroupBallots2019-03-08Forum-008
Ballot SC7: Update IP Address Validation MethodsBallots2019-03-16SC-007
Ballot SC15: Remove Validation Method Number 9Ballots2019-03-16, 2019-03-16SC-015
Ballot SC14: Updated Phone Validation MethodsBallots2019-03-16SC-014
Ballot SC13: CAA Contact Property and Associated E-mail Validation MethodsBallots, Server Certificate Working Group2019-02-01SC-013
Ballot SC12: Sunset of Underscores in dNSNamesBallots, Server Certificate Working Group2018-12-10, 2018-12-10SC-012
Ballot SC4: CAA Contact Property and Associated E-mail Validation MethodBallots, Server Certificate Working GroupSC-004Failed
Ballot Forum-7: Update ETSI requirements in SCWG CharterBallots2018-10-05Forum-007
Ballot SC-10: Establishing the Network Security Subcommittee of the SCWGBallots, Server Certificate Working Group2018-10-04SC-010
Ballot SC-9: Establish the Validation Subcommittee of the SCWGBallots, Server Certificate Working Group2018-10-03SC-009
Ballot Forum-6 – Update ETSI Requirements in the BylawsBallots, Bylaws2018-10-01Forum-006
Ballot FORUM-4 v3: Fix mistakes made during passage of Governance Reform Ballot 206Ballots, Uncategorized2018-09-28Forum-004
Ballot SC5 – Election of Wayne Thayer as SCWG Vice ChairBallots2018-09-26SC-005
Ballot SC11 – Update ETSI requirements in the SCWG CharterBallotsSC-011Withdrawn
Ballot Forum-2 – Chair and Vice-Chair Term ExtensionsBallots2018-09-20Forum-002
Ballot Forum-5 – Election of CA/Browser Forum Vice Chair – Term Nov. 1, 2018 – Oct. 31, 2020Ballots2018-11-01Forum-005
Ballot SC6 – Revocation Timeline ExtensionBallots, Server Certificate Working Group2018-10-14SC-006
Ballot Forum-3: Election of CA/Browser Forum Chair – Term Nov. 1, 2018 – Oct. 31, 2020About, Ballots, Governance2018-11-01Forum-003
Ballot SC8 – Election of Dimitris Zacharopoulos as SCWG ChairBallots2018-09-06SC-008
Ballot Forum-1 Establish Forum Infrastructure Working GroupBallots2018-08-27Forum-001
Ballot SC3: Two-Factor Authentication and Password ImprovementsBallots, Server Certificate Working Group, Working Groups2018-09-15SC-003
Ballot SC-1: [Empty]BallotsSC-001No such ballot
Ballot SC2 – Validating Certificates via CAA CONTACTBallots, Server Certificate Working Group, Working GroupsSC-002Failed
Ballot 221 – Two-Factor Authentication and Password ImprovementsBallots221Failed
Ballot 224: WHOIS and RDAPBallots2018-06-22224
Ballot 223 – Update BR Section 8.4 for CA audit criteriaBallots2018-06-14223
Ballot 222 – Remove “Any other method” for IP Address validationBallots222Replaced
Ballot 219 – Clarify handling of CAA Record Sets with no “issue”/”issuewild” property tagBallots2018-05-10219
Ballot 206 –Amendment to IPR Policy & Bylaws re Working Group FormationBallots2018-07-03206
Ballot 220 – Minor Cleanups (Spring 2018)Ballots2018-04-29220
Ballot 218 – Remove validation methods 1 and 5Ballots2017-02-05218
Ballot 216 – Update Discussion Period ProcessBallots2017-12-21216
Ballot 217 – Sunset RFC 2527Ballots2017-12-21217
Ballot 208 – dnQualifiersBallots208Failed
Ballot 207 – ASN.1 Jurisdiction in EV GuidelinesBallots2017-11-22207
Ballot 209 – EV LiabilityBallots209Withdrawn
Ballot 215 – Fix Ballot 190 ErrataBallots2017-11-04215
Ballot 213 – Revocation Timeline ExtensionBallots213, 213Withdrawn
Ballot 211 – Resolution of Approval for WTCA v2.1 ChangesBallots211Withdrawn
Ballot 214 – CAA Discovery CNAME ErrataBallots2017-10-27214
Ballot 190 – Revised Validation RequirementsBallots2017-10-19190
Ballot 212 – Canonicalise formal name of the Baseline RequirementsBallots2017-09-01212
Ballot 210 – Misc. Changes to the NCSSRBallots2017-09-30210
Ballot 202 – Underscore and Wildcard CharactersBallots202Failed
Ballot 204 – Forbid DTPs from doing Domain/IP OwnershipBallots2017-08-10204
Ballot 205 – Membership-Related ClarificationsBallots, Bylaws2017-07-06205
Ballot 192 – Notary RevisionBallots2017-06-28192
Ballot 203 – Formation of Network Security Working GroupBallots2017-06-19203
Ballot 201 – .onion RevisionsBallots2017-06-08201
Ballot 200 – Amendment of Bylaws to add Code of ConductBallots, Bylaws2017-05-30200
Ballot 191 – Clarify Place of Business InformationBallots2017-06-22191
Ballot 199 – Require commonName in Root and Intermediate CertificatesBallots2017-06-08199
Ballot 198 – .Onion RevisionsBallots2017-06-07198
Ballot 197 – Effective Date of Ballot 193 ProvisionsBallots2017-06-02197
Ballot 196 – Define “Audit Period”Ballots2017-05-01196
Ballot 195 – CAA FixupBallots2017-05-17195
Ballot 189 – Amend Section 6.1.7 of Baseline RequirementsBallots2017-05-13189
Ballot 194 – Effective Date of Ballot 193 ProvisionsBallots194Indeterminate
Ballot 193 – 825-day Certificate LifetimesBallots2017-04-16193
Ballot 187 – Make CAA Checking MandatoryBallots2017-04-07187
Ballot 188 – Clarify use of term “CA” in Baseline RequirementsBallots188Failed
Ballot 185 – Limiting the Lifetime of CertificatesBallots185Failed
Ballot 186 – Limiting the Reuse of Validation InformationBallots186Lacked endorsers
Ballot 183 – Amending the Bylaws to Clarify the Ballot Approval ProcessBallots, Bylaws, Governance2017-01-31183
Ballot 184 – RFC822 Names and otherNamesBallots184Lacked endorsers
Ballot 182 – Readopting BR (Part 2)Ballots182Failed Quorum
Ballot 181 – Readopting BR (Part 1)Ballots2017-01-07181
Ballot 180 – Readopting the BRs, EVGL, EV Code Signing, and NCSSR Guidelines with AmendmentsBallots2017-01-07180
Ballot 179 – [Empty]Ballots179No such ballot
Ballot 178 – Special Ballot for Election of Vice ChairBallots2016-10-06178
Ballot 177 – Special Ballot for Election of ChairBallots2016-09-22177
Ballot 176 – Addition of CNAME verification to domain validation methodsBallots176Never presented
Ballot 175 – Addition of given name and surnameBallots2016-09-07175
Ballot 174 – Reform of Requirements Relating to Conflict with Local LawsBallots2016-08-29174
Ballot 169 – Revised Validation RequirementsBallots2016-08-05169
Ballot 173 – Removal of requirement to cease use of private key due to incorrect certificate infoBallots2016-07-28173
Ballot 172 – Removal of permanentIdentifier from EV Code Signing GuidelinesBallots, EV Code Signing2016-07-05172
Ballot 171 – Updating the ETSI standards in the CABF documentsBallots2016-07-01171
Ballot 170 – Amend Section 5.1 of Baseline RequirementsBallots170Failed
Ballot 168 – Baseline Requirement Corrections – revisedBallots2016-05-10168
Ballot 167 – Baseline Requirements CorrectionsBallots167Failed
Ballot 166 – Clarification of Membership RequirementsBallots2016-04-04166
Ballot 165 – Formation of Governance Review Working GroupBallots, Governance2016-03-31165
Ballot 164 – Certificate Serial Number EntropyBallots2016-07-08164
Ballot 163 – Fix Errata in EV Guidelines 11.2.1Ballots2016-03-18163
Ballot 162 – Sunset of ExceptionsBallots2016-03-15162
Ballot 161 – Notification of incorrect issuanceBallots161Failed
Ballot 160 – Amend Section 4 of Baseline RequirementsBallots2016-02-04160
Ballot 157 – Adopt version 1.2 of the Intellectual Property Rights PolicyBallots2016-02-06157
Ballot 159 – Amend Section 4 of Baseline RequirementsBallots159Failed quorum
Ballot 158 – Adoption of Code Signing Baseline RequirementsBallots, Code Signing158Failed
Ballot 156 – Amend Sections 1 and 2 of Baseline RequirementsBallots2015-12-03156
Ballots 154 and 155 – Convert to RFC 3647 Framework and GitHubBallots2015-11-17154
Ballot 155 – Convert Network and Certificate System Security Requirements to RFC 3647 Framework and GitHubBallots155Withdrawn
Ballot 153 – Short-Lived CertificatesBallots153Failed
Ballot 152 – SHA-1 DeprecationBallots152Withdrawn
Ballot 151 – Addition of Optional OIDs for Indicating Level of ValidationBallots2015-09-28151
Ballot 150 – OID RevisionsBallots150Withdrawn
Ballot 149 – Membership Criteria ClarificationBallots, Bylaws2015-07-03149
Ballot 147 – Attorney Accountant Letter ChangesBallots2015-06-25147
Ballot 146 – Convert Baseline Requirements to RFC 3647 FrameworkBallots, Baseline Requirements2015-04-16146
Ballot 148 – Issuer Field CorrectionBallots2015-04-02148
Ballot 145 – Operational Existence for Government EntitiesBallots2015-02-18145
Ballot 144 – Validation rules for .onion namesBallots2015-02-04144
Ballot 143 – Formalization of Validation Working GroupBallots2015-02-04143
Ballot 142 – Elimination of EV Insurance RequirementBallots142Failed
Ballot 141 – Elimination of EV Insurance Requirement; Financial Responsibility for Mis-Issued CertificatesBallots141Failed
Ballot 140 – Short-Life CertificatesBallots140Lacked endorsers
Ballot 139 – Vice Chair ElectionBallots2014-10-24139
Ballot 133 – Insurance Requirements for EV IssuersBallots133Failed
Ballot 138 – Security Information Sharing Working GroupBallots2014-10-16138
Ballot 137 – Voting Process Bylaw Amendment (Passed)Ballots2014-10-16137
Ballot 135 – ETSI Auditor Qualifications (passed)Ballots2014-10-16135
Ballot 134 – Application of RFC 5280 to Pre-certificatesBallots2014-10-16134
Ballot 123 – Reuse of Information (passed)Ballots2014-10-16123
Ballot 118 – SHA-1 Sunset (passed)Ballots2014-10-16118
Ballot 136 – Chair ElectionBallots2014-10-15136
Ballot 125 – CAA Records (passed)Ballots2014-10-14125
Ballot 132 – EV Code Signing Timestamp Validity Period (passed)Ballots2014-09-16132
Ballot 131 – Update to Verified Method of Communication (passed)Ballots2014-09-12131
Ballot 130 – Working Group Bylaw AmendmentBallots130Withdrawn
Ballot 129 – PSL in BR 11.1.3 (passed)Ballots, Baseline Requirements2014-08-04129
Ballot 126 – Operational Existence (passed)Ballots, Extended Validation2014-07-24126
Ballot 127 – Verification of Agency in EV Guidelines 11.7.2 (passes)Ballots, Extended Validation2014-07-17127
Ballot 128 – CP Review Working Group (passes)Ballots, Current Work2014-07-09128
Ballot 124 – Business Entity Clarification (passed)Ballots, Baseline Requirements, Extended Validation2014-06-05124
Ballot 120 – Affiliate Authority to Verify Domain (passed)Ballots, Baseline Requirements, Extended Validation2014-06-05, 2014-06-05120
Ballot 122 – Verified Method of Communication (failed)Ballots122Failed
Ballot 121 – EV Guidelines Insurance Requirements(failed)Ballots121Failed
Ballot 112 – Replace Definition of “Internal Server Name” with “Internal Name”(passed)Ballots2014-04-03112
Ballot 119 – Remove “OfIncorporation” from OID descriptions in EVG 9.2.5(passed)Ballots, Extended Validation2014-03-24119
Ballot 117 – EV Code Signing Guidelines Corrections(passed)Ballots, EV Code Signing2014-03-24117
Ballot 116 – Bylaw Amendment for Associate Member Category(passed)Ballots, Bylaws, Governance2014-03-24116
Ballot 110 – Motion to Adopt Version 1.1 of the Bylaws(failed)Ballots, Bylaws110Failed
Ballot 114 – Improvements to the EV Definitions(passed)Ballots, Extended Validation2014-01-24114
Ballot 115 – Invited Guest to Meeting 31Ballots115Withdrawn
Ballot 89 – Publish Recommendations for the Processing of EV SSL Certificates v.2(passes)Ballots2014-01-17, 2014-01-02089
Ballot 113 – Revision to QIIS in EV Guidelines(passes)Ballots2014-01-13113
Ballot 111 – Accelerate Max Certificate Lifetime Reduction TimetableBallots111Withdrawn
Ballot 109 – Create SSL Performance Working Group(passed)Ballots109Withdrawn
Ballot 107 – Removing Version Numbers to WebTrust and ETSI Standards From CABF GuidelinesBallots107Withdrawn
Ballot 108 – Defining the Scope of the Baseline RequirementsBallots, Baseline Requirements108Withdrawn
Ballot 106 – Extended Deadline to Prohibit OCSP “Good” Response for Non-Issued CertificatesBallots106Withdrawn
Ballot 105 – Technical Constraints for Subordinate Certificate Authorities Yielding Broader and Safer PKI Adoption.Ballots2013-07-29105
Ballot 104 – EV Domain ValidationBallots2013-07-09104
Ballot 103 – OCSP AIA and TLS Feature ExtensionBallots103Lacked endorsers
Ballot 101 – EV 11.10.2 AccountantsBallots2013-05-31101
Ballot 102 – BR 9.2.3 domainComponentBallots2013-05-31102
Ballot 100 – Extend Deadline – OCSP Good ResponseBallots100Withdrawn
Ballot 99 – Add DSA KeysBallots2013-05-03099
Ballot 98 – Public VotingBallots, Bylaws, Governance, Proceedings2013-02-22098
Ballot 97 – Prevention of Unknown Certificate ContentsBallots2013-02-21097
Ballot 96 – Wildcard Certificates and New gTLDsBallots, Internal Names2013-02-20096
Ballot 92 – Subject Alternative NamesBallots092Failed
Ballot 94 – Adoption of CA/Browser Forum BylawsBallots, Bylaws, Governance2012-11-23094
Ballot 93 – Reasons for Revocation (BR issues 6, 8, 10, 21)Ballots2012-11-07093
Ballot 91 – Chair and Vice-Chair ElectionBallots, Governance2012-10-22091
Ballot 90 – Governance FinalistsBallots2012-09-28090
Ballot 88 – BR_9_2_4_Errata-ISO3166Ballots2012-09-12088
Ballot 87 – Instant Runoff Ballot on GovernanceBallots2012-08-31087
Ballot 85 – Governance ReformBallots2012-08-24085
Ballot 86 – Errata plus ISO3166Ballots086Withdrawn
Ballot 84 – ISO 3166-1 User-assigned codesBallots084Withdrawn
Ballot 83 – Adopt Network and Certificate System Security RequirementsBallots2012-08-03083
Ballot 80 – Response for Non-Issued CertificatesBallots2012-08-02080
Ballot 81 – Required Format for Amendments to Existing Standards or RequirementsBallots081Withdrawn
Ballot 82 – Extend IPR Introduction TimetableBallots082Rejected
Ballot 79 – Mailing List UsageBallots2012-07-25079
Ballot 69 – Individual Validation PolicyBallots069Withdrawn
Ballot 78 – Updates to Domain and IP Validation, High Risk Requests, and Data Source in the Baseline RequirementsBallots2012-06-22078
Ballot 76 – Public Review of Network Security ControlsBallots2012-06-12076
Ballot 75 – NameConstraints Criticality FlagBallots2012-06-08075
Ballot 77 – Emergency Extension of IPR RequirementsBallots2012-06-07077
Ballot 74 – Updates to Domain and IP Validation, High Risk Requests, and Data Source in the Baseline RequirementsBallots074Failed Quorum
Ballot 72 – Reorganize EV DocumentsBallots2012-05-29072
Ballot 73 – Public Mail-ListBallots, Email Lists2012-05-11073
Ballot 71 – Auditor Qualification RequirementsAuditing, Ballots2012-05-08071
Ballot 70 – EV Code Signing IdentifierBallots, Code Signing, EV Code Signing2012-05-08070
Ballot 68- No Unknown ContentsBallots068Lacked endorsers
Ballot 67 – Adopt IPR PolicyBallots, Intellectual Property Rights2012-04-06067
Ballot 66 – Project LifecycleBallots2012-03-16066
Ballot 95 – Guidance on Deprecated Internal NamesBallots095Withdrawn
Ballot 64 Revised – Recognized ExistenceBallots2012-02-16064
Ballot 65 – QIIS Definition UpdateBallots2012-02-16065
Ballot 63 – Adopt IPR PolicyBallots063Withdrawn
Ballot 62 – Adopt Baseline Requirements Draft 50Ballots, Baseline Requirements2011-11-22062
Ballot 61 – Verification Requirements for Parent SubsidiaryBallots2011-06-15061
Ballot 60 – Verification Requirements for Parent SubsidiaryBallots060Failed Quorum
Ballot 58 – Operational Existence Through Parent SubsidiaryBallots2011-04-08058
Ballot 57 – Verifying Agency Through Confirmation of Employment Using QIIS or QGISBallots2011-04-08057
Ballot 59 – Public Review of v. 30b of the Baseline RequirementsBallots059Withdrawn
Ballot 56 – QGIS Contact InformationBallots2011-02-21056
Ballot 55 – Romanization of Japanese Corporate NamesBallots2011-02-21055
Ballot 54 – EV 1-3 AdoptionBallots2010-11-19054
Ballot 53 – Contract Signer Self-Asserted AuthorityBallots2010-10-12053
Ballot 52 – Contract Signer Self-Asserted AuthorityBallots052Withdrawn
Ballot 51 – NotariesBallots2010-08-07051
Ballot 50 – 64-Character “O” FieldBallots2010-08-07050
Ballot 49 – New Certificate for Existing SubscriberBallots2010-08-06049
Ballot 48 – Telephone Number at Place of BusinessBallots2010-08-05048
Ballot 47 – Document AgingBallots047Withdrawn
Ballot 46 – Audit Report Availability TimingAuditing, Ballots2010-07-06046
Ballot 45 – Verification of AuthorityBallots2010-04-23045
Ballot 44 – IFAC MembershipBallots2010-04-23044
Ballot 43 – Business CategoriesBallots043Withdrawn
Ballot 42 – Principal IndividualBallots2010-04-22042
Ballot 41 – Auditing Report PublicationBallots041Withdrawn
Ballot 40 – Terms of UseBallots2010-04-13040
Ballot 39 – Business CategoriesBallots039Withdrawn
Ballot 38 – Physical Address in WHOIS dataBallots038Withdrawn
Ballot 37 – Another QGISBallots2010-04-06037
Ballot 36 – Public WHOIS InformationBallots2010-03-26036
Ballot 35 – Role RequirementsBallots2010-01-25035
Ballot 34 – Adopt EV Guidelines draft 03 as Version 1.2Ballots2009-10-01034
Ballot 30 – Reserved Domain NamesBallots030Failed
Ballot 31 – Allow ETSI 102 042Ballots2009-08-06031
Ballot 33- Subject Attribute RequirementsBallots2009-08-04033
Ballot 32 – Revocation for Well-Known Private KeyBallots2009-07-29032
Ballot 29 – Guidelines RenumberingBallots2009-07-14029
Ballot 28 – Membership CriteriaBallots, Bylaws028Failed Quorum
Ballot 27 – Alternatives for Verifying Domain ControlBallots027Rejected
Ballot 25 – PolicyQualifierldBallots2009-04-06025
Ballot 26 – Certificate ReissuanceBallots2009-03-17026
Ballot 24 – Acceptable Audits in EV Processing GuidelinesAuditing, Ballots2009-02-13024
Ballot 23 – EV Processing GuidelinesBallots2009-01-16023
Ballot 22 – RSA 1024 RetirementBallots2008-12-29022
Ballot 21 – Phone Number at Place of BusinessBallots2008-12-04021
Ballot 20 – ETSI Letter of IntentBallots, Liaisons2008-11-07020
Ballot 19 – Authoritative Time SourceBallots2008-11-07019
Ballot 18 – Pre-Approved RequestsBallots2008-09-16018
Ballot 17 – Maximum Validity PeriodBallots017Withdrawn
Ballot 16- Unverified ContentBallots016Failed Quorum
Ballot 15 – Certificate RenewalBallots2008-07-25015
Ballot 14 – Allowed EKUsBallots2008-06-17014
Ballot 13 – QGIS for Place of BusinessBallots2008-05-05013
Ballot 12 – Adoption of Guidelines v1.1Ballots, Proceedings2008-04-10012
Ballot 11 – Prior Equivalent AuthorityBallots, Proceedings2008-03-18011
Ballot 10 – Non-Latin NamesBallots, Proceedings2008-02-12010
Ballot 8 – Foreign Organization NameBallots2008-02-12008
Ballot 7 – Parent SubsidiaryBallots2008-02-03007
Ballot 6 – Non Commercial Entity TypeBallots, Proceedings2008-02-03006
Ballot 9 – Physical AddressBallots009Withdrawn
Ballot 5 – QuorumBallots, Bylaws, Governance2008-01-18005
Ballot 4 – Browser Voting RulesBallots, Browsers2007-12-15004
Ballot 3 – Drop UTF-8 English Encoding Requirement From Business CategoryBallots2007-09-11003
Ballot 2 – Security CommitteeBallots002Failed Quorum
Ballot 1 – Version 1.0 of Extended Validation Guidelines ApprovedBallots, Extended Validation2007-06-07001