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    Ballot SC-72: Delete except to policyQualifiers in EVGs; align with BRs by making them NOT RECOMMENDED
    March 25, 2024 by Paul van BrouwershavenVoting Results Certificate Issuers 15 votes total, with no abstentions: 15 Issuers voting YES: Buypass, Certum (Asseco), DigiCert, eMudhra, Entrust, GlobalSign, GoDaddy, HARICA, Izenpe, OISTE, SECOM, Sectigo, SwissSign, TWCA, Telia Company 0 Issuers voting NO 0 Issuers ABSTAIN Certificate Consumers 2 votes total, with no abstentions: 2 Consumers voting YES: Apple, Google 0 Consumers voting NO 0 Consumers ABSTAIN Bylaws Requirements Bylaw 2.3(6) requires: In order for a ballot to be adopted by the Forum, two‚Äźthirds (2/3) or more of the votes cast by the Voting Members in the Certificate Issuer category must be in favour of the ballot.
    The Certification Authority Browser Forum (CA/Browser Forum) is a voluntary gathering of Certificate Issuers and suppliers of Internet browser software and other applications that use certificates (Certificate Consumers).