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2013-10-10 Minutes

Notes of meeting CAB Forum 10 October  2013 Version 1 1.  Present:   Ben Wilson, Stephen Davidson, Eddy Nigg, Rich Smith, Robin Alden, Eneli Kirme, Dean Coclin, Atsushi Inaba, Wayne Thayer, Mert Ozarar, Atilla Biler, Hävard Molland, Gerv Markham, Geoff Keating, Rick Andrews, and Jeremy Rowley 2.  Agenda review: Eddy asked that the question regarding exceptions to migration to 2048-bit be discussed.  ... Read More »

2013-08-22 Minutes

Notes of meeting CAB Forum 22 August 2013 Version 1   1.  Present:   Dean Coclin, Atsushi Inaba, Ben Wilson, Mads Henriksveen, Sissel Hoel, Kirk Hall, Eddy Nigg, Atilla Biler, Mert Ozarar, Rick Andrews, Geoff Keating, Gerv Markham, Stephen Davidson, Wayne Thayer 2.  Agenda review:  Approved as published. 3.  Minutes:   The minutes of August 8, 2013, were approved as published. 4.  Ballots:  ... Read More »