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2023-10-26 Minutes of the Server Certificate Working Group


Aaron Poulsen – (Amazon), Abhishek Bhat – (eMudhra), Adam Jones – (Microsoft), Andrea Holland – (VikingCloud), Ben Wilson – (Mozilla), Brianca Martin – (Amazon), Brittany Randall – (GoDaddy), Clint Wilson – (Apple), Corey Bonnell – (DigiCert), Corey Rasmussen – (OATI), Dimitris Zacharopoulos – (HARICA), Doug Beattie – (GlobalSign), Dustin Hollenback – (Microsoft), Eva Vansteenberge – (GlobalSign), Inaba Atsushi – (GlobalSign), Janet Hines – (VikingCloud), Kiran Tummala – (Microsoft), Lynn Jeun – (Visa), Mads Henriksveen – (Buypass AS), Martijn Katerbarg – (Sectigo), Michelle Coon – (OATI), Nargis Mannan – (VikingCloud), Nate Smith – (GoDaddy), Nicol So – (CommScope), Paul van Brouwershaven – (Entrust), Pedro Fuentes – (OISTE Foundation), Peter Miskovic – (Disig), Rebecca Kelley – (Apple), Rollin Yu – (TrustAsia Technologies Inc), Scott Rea – (eMudhra), Stephen Davidson – (DigiCert), Tadahiko Ito – (SECOM Trust Systems), Thomas Zermeno – (, Tobias Josefowitz – (Opera Software AS), Trevoli Ponds-White – (Amazon), Wendy Brown – (US Federal PKI Management Authority), Yoshihiko Matsuo – (Japan Registry Services).


Kiran Tummala (Microsoft led the meeting)

  1. Roll Call and Begin Recording (* not needed)
  2. Read Note-well (* not needed)
  3. Review Agenda
    • No changes were made to the agenda
  4. Minutes:
    • 31 August – no objections, approved
    • Face-to-Face – not circulated
  5. Membership:
    • None
  6. Issues/topics to discuss
    • Revised SCWG charter – requested all to review and distribute comments to the list.
    • Martin (Sectigo) proposal to change some logging requirements in BRs – looking for additional feedback
      • Clint Wilson noted that this would replace a broad requirement with a specific constrained list on what needs to be logged. Two sides: create a strict list of what must be logged (inclusion list) or create a list of what does NOT need to be logged (exclusion list). Discussion was had here and will continue.
      • Potentially move language to the NSCRs in the future
  7. Ballot Status – see list below
  8. Any Other Business
  9. Next call: December 07, 2023
  10. Adjourn 11:01 am CPT


  • Passed
    • None
  • Failed
    • None
  • Voting Period
    • None
  • Discussion Period
    • SC66 – Clean-up ballot
  • Review Period
    • None
  • Draft / Under Consideration
    • SCXX – SLO/Response for CRL & OCSP Responses – David Kluge (Google) / Clint Wilson (Apple): on hold
      • Clint suggested to remove this ballot since the ballot to make OCSP optional was moved into the BRs. Ben agreed to drop it.
    • SCXX – Profiles cleanup ballot
    • SC-067 – Applicant, Subscriber and Subscriber Agreements – Ben Wilson (Mozilla) / Dustin Hollenback (Microsoft)…9eebd9949810f698edd5087235acaf16e04ead21
      • Distributed 10/26/2023 for feedback – one response so far
      • Definitions of Applicant and Applicant Representative
      • Changes being discussed yet (specifically looking at lines 276-279)
    • SC65 – EVGs in RFC 3647 format
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