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Minutes of the F2F 58 Meeting in Ottawa, Canada, 28 Feb-2 March 2023 – SCWG (2 March)

Meeting of the Server Certificate Working Group

March 2, 2023

Attendees: Aaron Gable – (Let’s Encrypt), Aaron Poulsen – (Amazon), Adam Jones – (Microsoft), Adrian Mueller – (SwissSign), Andrea Holland – (VikingCloud), Andreas Henschel – (D-TRUST), Aneta Wojtczak-Iwanicka – (Microsoft), Ben Dewberry – (Keyfactor), Ben Wilson – (Mozilla), Brianca Martin – (Amazon), Brittany Randall – (GoDaddy), Bruce Morton – (Entrust), Bruce Wei – (TrustAsia Technologies, Inc.), Chris Clements – (Google), Chris Czajczyc – (Chris Czajczyc (Private Person)), Chris Kemmerer – (, Christophe Bonjean – (GlobalSign), Clint Wilson – (Apple), Corey Bonnell – (DigiCert), Corey Rasmussen – (OATI), Daniel Jeffery – (Fastly), Daryn Wright – (GoDaddy), Dave Chin – (CPA Canada/WebTrust), David Kluge – (Google), Dimitris Zacharopoulos – (HARICA), Don Sheehy – (CPA Canada/WebTrust), Doug Beattie – (GlobalSign), Dre Armeda – (GoDaddy), Elaine Bronsther – (Sectigo), Ellie Lu – (TrustAsia Technologies, Inc.), Enrico Entschew – (D-TRUST), Eva Vansteenberge – (GlobalSign), George Fergadis – (HARICA), Hazhar Ismail – (MSC Trustgate Sdn Bhd), Hogeun Yoo – (NAVER Cloud), Ian McMillan – (Microsoft), Inaba Atsushi – (GlobalSign), Inigo Barreira – (Sectigo), Jamie Mackey – (US Federal PKI Management Authority), Janet Hines – (VikingCloud), Jeremy Rowley – (DigiCert), Joanna Fox – (TrustCor Systems), Jos Purvis – (Fastly), Jozef Nigut – (Disig), JP Hamilton – (Cisco Systems), Karina Sirota – (Microsoft), Kathleen Wilson – (Mozilla), Li-Chun Chen – (Chunghwa Telecom), Lynn Jeun – (Visa), Mads Henriksveen – (Buypass AS), Marcelo Silva – (Visa), Martijn Katerbarg – (Sectigo), Matthias Wiedenhorst – (ACAB Council), Michael Slaughter – (Amazon), Michelle Coon – (OATI), Nargis Mannan – (VikingCloud), Nick France – (Sectigo), Paul van Brouwershaven – (Entrust), Pedro Fuentes – (OISTE Foundation), Pekka Lahtiharju – (Telia Company), Peter Miskovic – (Disig), Raffaela Achermann – (SwissSign), Rebecca Kelley – (Apple), Renne Rodriguez – (Apple), RIch Smith – (DigiCert), Rollin Yu – (TrustAsia Technologies, Inc.), Ryan Dickson – (Google), Samantha Frank – (Let’s Encrypt), Sissel Hoel – (Buypass AS), Star Simmons – (GoDaddy), Stephen Davidson – (DigiCert), Steven Deitte – (GoDaddy), Tadahiko Ito – (SECOM Trust Systems), Thomas Zermeno – (, Tim Callan – (Sectigo), Tim Crawford – (CPA Canada/WebTrust), Tim Hollebeek – (DigiCert), Tobias Josefowitz – (Opera Software AS), Tsung-Min Kuo – (Chunghwa Telecom), Yoshiro Yoneya (JPRS)

Antitrust Statement: Inigo read the antitrust statement

Discussion: Inigo brought up the item of wanting more time for the SCWG calls in order to make it more productive. 3 options are presented:

  • Switch timing with the Validation subcommittee.
  • Add 15 minutes to the existing call
  • Extend the Validation subcommittee meeting and combine the meeting of both the subcommittee and WG and extend the duration of this call.

Tim Hollebeek argued that having a meeting for an hour and 15 minutes, will mean for most people you take 2 hours of their available time because in general meetings are scheduled at the top of the hour.

Ryan asked what the desired format of the WG will be, and where we as a WG should go in terms of goals and vision.

There is a clear consensus on defining what we as WG should aim for and “reboot” the WG and setup a roadmap together, adding the SCWG updates to the Forum call, and spend the WG time itself on setting up our roadmap and work on dedicated items.

For the time being, we will try to keep the same timeslot for now, and if after a few weeks we believe we need more time, we will rediscuss.

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