Ballot SC56: 2022 Cleanup

Voting Results

Certificate Issuers

19 votes total, with no abstentions:

  • 19 Issuers voting YES: Buypass, Chunghwa Telecom, D-TRUST, DigiCert, eMudhra, Entrust, Fastly, GlobalSign, HARICA, Izenpe, JPRS, Let’s Encrypt / ISRG, OISTE, SECOM, Sectigo,, SwissSign, TrustCor, Visa
  • 0 Issuers voting NO
  • 0 Issuers ABSTAIN

Certificate Consumers

2 votes total, with no abstentions:

  • 2 Consumers voting YES: Google, Mozilla
  • 0 Consumers voting NO
  • 0 Consumers ABSTAIN

Bylaws Requirements

  1. Bylaw 2.3(f) requires:
    • A “yes” vote by two-thirds of Certificate Issuer votes and by 50%-plus-one of Certificate Consumer votes. Votes to abstain are not counted for this purpose. This requirement was MET for Certificate Issuers and MET for Certificate Consumers.
    • At least one Certificate Issuer and one Certificate Consumer Member must vote in favor of a ballot for the ballot to be adopted. This requirement was MET.
  2. Bylaw 2.3(g) requires that a ballot result only be considered valid when “more than half of the number of currently active Members has participated”. Votes to abstain are counted in determining quorum. Half of the currently active members at the start of voting was 14, so the quorum was 15 for this ballot. This requirement was MET.

Ballot Contents

Purpose of Ballot

Over the past two years, several editorial issues have been identified in the Baseline Requirements and Extended Validation Guidelines. This ballot resolves these issues to improve the clarity and consistency of these documents. No new normative requirements are introduced by the changes in this ballot.

The following motion has been proposed by Corey Bonnell of DigiCert and endorsed by Bruce Morton of Entrust and Aaron Gable of Let’s Encrypt.

Motion Begins

This ballot modifies the “Baseline Requirements for the Issuance and Management of Publicly-Trusted Certificates” (“Baseline Requirements”), based on Version 1.8.4.

MODIFY the Baseline Requirements as specified in the following Redline:…01b7c563715310752aabea5507a6f08dd09d6b41

This ballot modifies the “Guidelines for the Issuance and Management of Extended Validation Certificates” (“EV Guidelines”), based on Version 1.7.9.

MODIFY the EV Guidelines as defined in the following redline:…01b7c563715310752aabea5507a6f08dd09d6b41

Motion Ends

This ballot proposes a Final Maintenance Guideline. The procedure for approval of this ballot is as follows:

Discussion (7+ days)

Start time: 2022-10-07 12:00:00 UTC

End time: 2022-10-14 12:00:00 UTC

Vote for approval (7 days)

Start time: 2022-10-14 12:00:00 UTC

End time: 2022-10-21 12:00:00 UTC

Ballot Status

This ballot now enters the IP Rights Review Period to permit members to review the ballot for relevant IP rights issues.

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