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2022-07-14 Minutes of the Code Signing Certificate Working Group


Atsushi Inaba, Corey Bonnell, Dean Coclin, Inigo Barreira, Janet Hines, Joanna Fox, Michael Sykes, Roberto Quinones, Tim Crawford, and Tim Hollebeek


Minute Taker: Janet

Antitrust statement was read by Dean Coclin

Approved minutes from June 30, 2022 meeting

Signing service discussion

No additional discussion – Waiting on Bruce to get back.


Corey will work on a draft ballot for the Pandoc typographical errors. We will need further discussion before we begin a draft ballot on timestamping.

Malware proposal

June 27th proposal Inigo provided a basic summary: limit number of days, removing the OCSP log analysis requirements, and simplify the process. Plan to provide feedback on the next call.

Other Business

Dean reminded us to sign up for the face-to-face meeting in October to assist our host with planning.

Next meeting is July 28, 2022, Meeting was adjourned

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