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2022-06-21 Minutes of the Network Security Working Group

NetSec Working Group – June 21st, 2022


  • Clint Wilson
  • Joanna Fox
  • Thomas Connelly
  • Roman Fischer
  • Ruben Annemans
  • Brittany Randall
  • Prachi Jain
  • Corey Bonnell
  • Paul Van Brouwershaven
  • Aaron Poulsen
  • Trevoli Ponds-White
  • Jillian Karner
  • Ben Wilson
  • Janet Hines
  • Marcelo Silva
  • Dustin Hollenback
  • David Kluge
  • Steven Deitte
  • Daniel Jeffery
  • Tim Crawford
  • Kiran Tummala
  • Rebecca Kelley
  • Daryn Wright
  • Chris Kemmerer
  • Inigo Barreira

1. Read Antitrust Statement

Clint Wilson read the antitrust statement.

  1. Roll Call

Clint Wilson read the roll.

3. Discussion Items

Threat Modeling: David shared the update about the threat model. It was shared that significant progress has been made in OCSP responder’s threat modeling and he has some internal engineers as well who are interested in helping. F2F discussion was very valuable and assumptions are very clear now in the document. There was further discussion on the STRIDE model. Clint mentioned that eventually when we expand this threat model, some of the assumptions should go away. The idea is to make the model in a way that we actually can do something now but in future we make changes as needed. Detailed discussion was done by the group into each threat and the document was updated. There was also some discussion around the common components between responders, ca and server like basic system, network configuration and infrastructure. Kiran volunteered to research on standard definitions of all the threats and bring it back to the future sessions.

4.** Any Other Business**


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