2022-03-15 Minutes of the Network Security Working Group

Adam Jones – Microsoft
Ben Wilson – Mozilla
Brittany Randall – Go Daddy
Bruce Morton – Entrust
Christophe Bonjean – GlobalSign
Clint Wilson – Apple
Corey Bonnell – DigiCert
Corey Rasmussen – OATI
Daryn Wright – Go Daddy
David Kluge – Google Trust Services
Don Sheehy – WebTrust
Dustin Hollenback – Microsoft
Jeff Ward – CPA Canada/WebTrust
Jillian Karner – Let’s Encrypt
Joanna Fox – TrustCor
Jozef Nigut – Disig
Kiran Tummala – Microsoft
Marcelo Silva – Visa
Pedro Fuentes – OISTE
Prachi Jain – Fastly
Rebecca Kelley – Apple
Ruben Annemans – GlobalSign
Shwetagaur – Go Daddy
Trevoli Ponds-White – Amazon Trust Services


  1. Read Antitrust Statement
    a. Clint Wilson read the antitrust statement
  2. Roll Call
    a. Clint Wilson verified new names were members
  3. Review Agenda
    a. Opening this time for discussion around Ballots from last meeting
  4. Ballot Status
    a. In Review
    i. Prachi Jain (Fastly) revisited her proposed BR change to replace PKI system with Certificate Management System in 5.4.1
    ii. Updates and discussion around Ben Wilsons proposed changes. Ben will review previous notes and share next meeting.
  5. Any other business
    a. Corey Bonnell mentioned there is a need for reviewers for BR proposals.
    b. David Kluge shared an update from the Cloud Services group risk assessment that they are currently working on. Cloud Services is looking for a new timeslot, to help members with a better time to meet.

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