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2020-07-09 Minutes of the CA/Browser Forum Teleconference

Attendees (in alphabetical order)

Adam Clark (Visa), Andrea Holland (SecureTrust), Arno Fiedler (D-TRUST), Ben Wilson (Mozilla), Bruce Morton (Entrust Datacard), Chris McMillan (Visa), Clint Wilson (Apple), Corey Bonnell (SecureTrust), Chris Kemmerer (, Curt Spann (Apple), Dean Coclin (Digicert), Dimitris Zacharopoulos (HARICA), Doug Beattie (GlobalSign), Dre Aremeda (GoDaddy), Dustin Hollenback (Microsoft), Enrico Entschew (D-TRUST), Inaba Atsushi (GlobalSign), Janet Hines (SecureTrust), Jeff Ward (CPA Canada/WebTrust), Jos Purvis (Cisco Systems), Karina Sirota (Microsoft), Mads Henriksveen (Buypass AS), Mayur Manchanda (Visa), Michelle Coon (OATI), Mike Reilly (Microsoft), Niko Carpenter (SecureTrust), Patrick Nohe (GlobalSign), Pedro Fuentes (OISTE Foundation), Peter Miskovic (Disig), Rachel McPherson (TrustCor Systems), Rich Smith (Sectigo), Robin Alden (Sectigo), Ryan Sleevi (Google), Stephen Davidson (Digicert), Tim Hollebeek (Digicert), Tobias Josefowitz (Opera Software AS), Wayne Thayer (Mozilla).


1. Roll Call

The Chair took attendance.

2. Read Antitrust Statement

The Antitrust Statement was read.

3. Review Agenda, Assign Minute Taker

Tobi volunteered to take the minutes for July 23rd. No changes to the agenda were noted.

4. Approval of minutes from previous teleconference

The minutes were already approved.

5. Forum Infrastructure Subcommittee update

  • Excellent meeting on 1 July.
  • Starting to look at the migration of the mailers. Making sure timing will not impact ballot voting
  • Had discussions about email reminders. Looking at IETF model for how to think about improvements
  • Take a look at GitHub projects vs. Cello capabilities for feedback. Ideally we have all the work being done in one place for 1) familiarity of tools and 2) ease of sharing between committees and subgroups
  • Looking at tools for auto publishing
  • Call out for any other documents we need to produce the same way with the same tool sets etc.
  • Next steps will be draft ballots as a result of any of these plans
  • There is a spirited discussion on the public list on listserv password reminder mails. We decided to post info on the Wiki that will tell folks how to reset passwords. We will also turn off the reminders and see if there is any problem form users with not receiving these reminders
  • Looking to how to solve the redline problem. Looking at solutions to support pull requests
  • Ryan 3647 template is out there in GitHub. Tim: thanks for everyone for getting this template out there. Should we have separate sections to make it clear as to which docs have been adopted by ballots and which have not. E.g. a section with official docs and another with “helpful” docs. Dimitris also thanked everyone involved in this work and all the time it will save folks
  • Dean: Josh, are you able to put changed names on the mailing list? Josh: He believe he did. He will go back through his emails to double check for GoDaddy, SecureTrust and other changes that came int
  • Dimitris: I believe all archives are public/open except for the management list. FYI anyone can use “forgot password” and get their password back

6. Code Signing Working Group update

  • Had a meeting out of cycle on 7 July. Most of the meeting was going through the combined document and cleaning up a few minor issues that were still a bit confusing. These will move to the parking lot list for future ballots
  • Discussion period for the ballot started this morning (9 July)
  • Another version of the document will be updating the format
  • Ultimately, we’ll have a single document that combines CS and EV CS requirements

7. S/MIME Working Group update

  • Stephen: public list post announced passing of the charter and call for membership. Any questions can be sent in reply or to Steven directly
  • In order to bootstrap we’ll have a period of soliciting interest. 22 July at 11am EDT will be the first meeting. On agenda will be to review the list of startup members and to vote on it. We’ll need 2/3rds of members to vote for it to pass. The email sent out on the list has details on how to declare interest. Certificate Consumer member definitions are included in these communications as is the definition of a Certificate issuer member and interested party member.
  • Some have sent in declaration of interest. However, we have some companies that may be interested but are not aware. Ask of CAs and Certificate Consumers to spread the word on the WG and to encourage membership
  • First meeting will discuss goals of the group and next steps. Many elements of this WG will need to coordinate and leverage work form other WGs e.g. validation and the like
  • Dimitris pointed out that with the recent bylaw changes that new members must declare their official voting representatives. Steven will make sure to clarify this requirement.
  • Double check that there is a way to bootstrap the WG email list and potential members are not going to the wrong lists for information or responses
  • Thanks to the infrastructure group for all the help in getting this WG set up for a success start!

8. Approval of minutes from F2F 50

Minutes were approved.

9. Decide about having F2F 51 virtual or not

Doug: Given the COVID-19 situation we recommend that we cancel the f2f portion and go to full virtual meeting. Decision was made to make this a virtual meeting.

10. Any Other Business


11. Next call

The next call will take place on July 23, 2020 at 11:30am Eastern Time.


Latest releases
Code Signing Requirements
v3.7 - Mar 4, 2024

S/MIME Requirements
v1.0.5 - Ballot SMC07 - Jul 15, 2024

Ballot SMC07: Align Logging Requirement and Key Escrow clarification

Network and Certificate System Security Requirements
v2.0 - Ballot NS-003 - Jun 26, 2024

Ballot NS-003: Restructure the NCSSRs in

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