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Ballot FORUM-13: Correction to Code-Signing Working Group Charter

The voting period for Ballot FORUM-13 has ended and the Ballot has Passed. Here are the results:

Voting by Certificate Issuers – 16 votes total

16 CAs voted in favor: Entrust Datacard, eMudhra, DigiCert, Certigna, Certum, Sectigo, Trustcor, SecureTrust, HARICA, Camerfirma, Actalis, Disig, SwissSign, GoDaddy, GDCA, Chungwa Telecom

Voting by Certificate Consumers – 3 votes total

Three Certificate Consumers voted in favor: Microsoft, Mozilla, 360

Therefore, the ballot Passes.

The following ballot is proposed by Dean Coclin of DigiCert and has been endorsed by Robin Alden (Sectigo) and Mike Reilly (Microsoft).

Purpose: This ballot modifies the CSCWG charter to correct an error in the original document in Section 4.2.2. It was pointed out that there is an error in the CSCWG charter, section 4.2.2 where it states:

Applicants that qualify as Certificate Issuers or Root Certificate Issuers must supply the following additional information:

  • URL of the current qualifying audit report.
  • The URL of at least one third party website that includes a certificate issued by the Applicant in the certificate chain.
  • Links or references to issued end-entity certificates that demonstrate them being treated as valid by a Certificate Consumer Member.

The second bullet should be removed as it was a copy and paste error from another charter.

Ballot Conflicts

  • None


As noted above and on github:

Motion begins

Modify the Code Signing Working Group Charter as indicated above and in the github redline.

Motion ends

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