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2012-10-11 Minutes

Notes of meeting

CAB Forum

11 October 2012

Version 1

  1. Present: Dean Coclin, Ben Wilson, Atsushi Inaba, Kirk Hall, Eddy Nigg, Mads Henriksveen, Sissel Hoel, Jeremy Rowley, Brad Hill, Geoff Keating, Gerv Markham, Robin Alden, Rick Andrews, and Ryan Koski

  2. Agenda review

The agenda was reviewed.

  1. Minutes of Meeting 20-Sept-2012

Minutes of 20 September 2012 were approved as published.

  1. Ballot status

It was noted that the only open ballot was Ballot 91 for election of a chair and vice-chair. Dean asked about Ballot 89, and Rick said that he was updating the EV processing requirements based on comments from Kathleen Wilson. The group noted that Yngve’s proposed ballot on BR issues 6, 8, 10 and 21 had been posted on the wiki. Ben said he still needed to clean it up and assign a ballot number to it. On BR issues 15 and 29, those had been modified a bit by Rick, but after Bruce left Steve Roylance became the owner of it. Dean asked Atsushi to touch base with Steve. Ben asked about whether there was still any confusion between IDNA2003 and IDNA2008. Brad said that we’re moving to IDNA2008, which is good.

  1. Governance Revisions

Kirk said that he was creating a governance document that would provide visual distinctions between what we already do versus what the Trend Micro proposal would change. He would prepare a cover memo and we could get it out before the beginning of next week, allow people to review for a week or so and comment on it, and then send it to the public list.

  1. IPR Policy

The group discussed the difficulty of moving forward with the IPR Policy while the Governance Revisions were under way. It was stated that we should move forward as much as possible with where we are and do what we can do. Jeremy noted that there was a telephone call on the Friday after the face-to-face meeting. It was thought that Marc Braner, now at Apple, needed to send a current draft of the IPR to David Rudin, the MS attorney for review. The group discussed whether an IETF policy with working groups fit into the governance model, that the governance proposal and working history of the Forum doesn’t actually reflect a working-group model, and also the PAG. It was concluded that the primary goal is to reach a consensus IPR agreement and that hopefully the members who dropped out will return and sign. It was also noted that Mozilla would support an IETF-based policy.

  1. Items Discussed at the Face-to-Face

Ben said that he was still working on the minutes and did not have a task list ready to review. He noted that we did discuss updating the web site. It was proposed that we create a web site standing committee that could work on a redesign or mock-up, which everyone could review. It was suggested that we send out an email soliciting the formation of the web site standing committee.

  1. Any other business

Rick asked why there was not one place where all root program policies and contact information were posted. It was suggested that Rick create one on the wiki first, and then we can decide whether to share it publicly.

Ben said that we need to look into what we can do to push forward the Mozilla Patch for OCSP Stapling with the NSS team.

Publicly announcing the Governance Reform ballot was also discussed. Although the Forum voted for a change, if the TrendMicro proposal isn’t ratified, then an announcement would be premature because some members could vote against it.

Dean reiterated comments from earlier in the meeting about the BR Issues List-that we really need to close out items on the Issues List, rearrange it, clean it up, and re-post it on the wiki as a new file leaving the old versions there for archive purposes.

  1. Meeting adjourned with a date for the next meeting set for 25 October 2012.
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