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Ballot 50 – 64-Character “O” Field

Ballot 50 – 64-Character “O” Field (Passed Unanimously)


Motion: Ben Wilson made the following motion, and Moudrick Dadashov and Bruce Morton endorsed it:

Motion begins


Erratum begins

Delete Section 8.1.1 and replace it with the following text:

(1) Organization name

Certificate field: subject:organizationName (OID )

Required/Optional: Required

Contents: This field MUST contain the Subject’s full legal organization name as listed in the official records of the Incorporating or Registration Agency in the Subject’s Jurisdiction of Incorporation or Registration or as otherwise verified by the CA as provided herein. A CA MAY abbreviate the organization prefixes or suffixes in the organization name, e.g., if the official record shows “Company Name Incorporated” the CA MAY include “Company Name, Inc.”

When abbreviating a Subject’s full legal name as allowed by this subsection, the CA MUST use abbreviations that are not misleading in the Jurisdiction of Incorporation or Registration.

In addition, an assumed name or DBA name used by the Subject MAY be included at the beginning of this field, provided that it is followed by the full legal organization name in parenthesis.

If the combination of names or the organization name by itself exceeds 64 characters, the CA MAY abbreviate parts of the organization name, and/or omit non-material words in the organization name in such a way that the text in this field does not exceed the 64-character limit; provided that the CA checks this field in accordance with section 10.11.1 and a Relying Party will not be misled into thinking that they are dealing with a different organization. In cases where this is not possible, the CA MUST NOT issue the EV Certificate.

Erratum ends

The ballot review period comes into effect at 2100 UTC on 23 Aug ’10 and will close at 2100 UTC on 30 Aug ’10. Unless the motion is withdrawn during the review period, the voting period will start immediately thereafter and will close at 2100 UTC on 7 Sep ’10.

Votes must be cast by “reply all’ to this email.

A vote in favour of the motion must indicate a clear ‘yes’ in the response. A vote against must indicate a clear ‘no’ in the response. A vote to abstain must indicate a clear ‘abstain’ in the response. Unclear responses will not be counted.

The latest vote received from any representative of a voting member before the close of the voting period will be counted.

Motion ends

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