Ballot 2 – Security Committee

Ballot 2 – Security Committee (Failed Quorum)


“The CABForum adopts the procedures for a security committee as described in ‘CABForum security committee, draft 2, 2007-06-14’ (as distributed by Gervase Markham on 19 June 2007), for a trial period not to exceed six months.  The procedures and the duration of the trial period may be revised by a similar ballot at any time.  At the end of the trial period, a review of the effectiveness of the procedures will be conducted.  Based upon the results of the review, the procedures will either be confirmed or revised by another ballot similar to this one.”

Voting members should indicate their approval of this motion by a ‘reply all’ to this message with a ‘yes’ response.  Disapproval should be indicated by a ‘reply all’ to this message with a ‘no’ response.

Adoption of this motion requires a ‘yes’ response from a simple majority (more than half of those who vote).  No more than one vote will be counted from each of the voting member organizations.  Here is the list of current voting member organizations.

The ballot will close at 1700 EDT on 29 June 2007.

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